Unity scrum life

Changelog #1

AI :

  • Queen

    • Random travel in the base
    • Lay eggs according to their energy
    • Convert anyone who does not have a queen or granary
    • Manage Granary Soul and Nursery Soul
    • Spawn a nurse at the beginning (Conflict with next step)
  • Farmer

    • Try to find the most effective strategy for harvesting food
    • Communicates with others to spread its strategy (if it’s better)
    • Uses the granary :
      • Storing food crops
      • Measure the level of food
      • Take food if needed
    • Eat lifeless bodies
    • Manage his way to avoid traffic jam (Otherwise it becomes violent)
    • Can make decisions such as :
      • Abort his mission (if it’s impossible)
      • Continue a mission in the hope of success (if there is hope)
      • Continuing a mission at the peril of his life
    • Can convert farmers without queen
  • Nurse

    • Feed the queen if she needs it
    • Uses his stock of food for her, eggs, queen
    • Uses the granary :
      • Take food if needed (if she can’t feed anyone with his stock)
    • Manage eggs (transport, take care of, hatching)

Environment :

  • Fixed food :

    Fixed source of food which is useful to start the game but not viable in time because the amount is limited (but large)

  • Respawn food :

    Strategic point (like a tree for exemple) that reveals food. Getting these spots is important to perpetuate his colony…

  • The base :

    3 copy / paste of a cave that houses queen, nurse, granary soul, soul nursery (temporary)

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