Unity scrum life

Changelog #2

Refactoring :

The code was completely overhauled and he needed it.

  • With the I5 2500K processor, there is a decrease in the load of about 7-8%
  • The simulation does not exceed 400Mo of ram against more than 1Go before
  • Code maintenance has been greatly improved

Bug correction :

  • Nurses give up inaccessible eggs
  • Nurses can now catch moving eggs
  • Scrums manage abandonments more “naturally”
  • Nurses can now handle 2 eggs correctly
  • The queen does not run away from the base
  • Farmers without granary soul no longer commit suicide
  • Many corrected collision problems
  • Dead scrums are less ignored by the living
  • The game does not crash at startup

Known bug :

  • The queen can lay through the walls
  • During a fight, soldiers can turn round each other in circles

AI :

  • Queen

    • Do not manage anymore Granary Soul and Nursery Soul
    • The egg system has been reviewed for the sequel (secret)
  • Granary soul & Nursery soul

    • These became separate entities with their behavior
    • They can move around the base
    • They are connected to a queen
  • Soldier (new)

    • They recognize and attack enemy scrums
    • They can elect leaders
    • They can form groups
    • They can learn to patrol
    • They can learn to communicate with each other and with the farmers to signal a danger or point of interest (to watch)
    • Like all other scrums, they have a will and can escape or give their life in the fight (or go eat suddenly)

Environment :

  • New spawn system :

    The game now integrates a new system of placement of the environment and bases in the game. It is now possible to generate random maps (currently, the game is launched with a fixed setup). Which means that there are now two bases on the map and that it creates funny situations (especially with the soldiers who have appeared)

miscellaneous :

  • Appearance of a HUD to know the population of the colony as well as the food
  • Establishment of a system of statistics and monitoring of each colony on the map to prepare the continuation (to evolve the other colonies as well as that of the player otherwise it would be boring)
  • Implementation of a system of modification of eggs and scrums to prepare the continuation (the genetic mutations and modification of the queen)
  • Scrums now have sight, touch and smell

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