Unity scrum life

Changelog #3

Environment :

  • improvement of the spawn system :

    The spawn of the bases and elements of the environment integrates now a system of placement for the scrums of type “Queen, Nursery, Granary, etc” and thus allows the personalization of the bases like the rotation, etc.

Bug correction :

  • Nurses are no longer lost in the countryside …
  • Correction on detection and dissemination of strategic points (food)

Player :

An article will soon be written to explain the whole system of HUD and all the possible interactions in the game.

  • Setting up the player

    The game is now “playable” since an FPS system has been added.

  • HUD

    The player now has several pieces of information at his disposal, such as his energy, his life, information about the scrums he watches, the interactions he can have on the objects and many other useful data.

  • Interactions

    The player can now interact with his surroundings and can give various and varied orders to the scrums of his colony. On the other hand, he is also recognized by the opposing colonnies and they will not make presents…


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