Unity scrum life

Changelog #4

Visual :

  • The enemy scrums are now lit by a red spot
  • The scrums that we lock are now lit by a blue spot


The game is now “playable” since an FPS system has been added.

  • Add possible actions when the player watches an interactible object (like a scrum)
  • Setting up a haircross on the screen

Player :

  • The player can now interact with essentials scrums (queen, granary, etc.)
  • The player can no longer kill his allied scrums (another way will be put in place)
  • The player can now convert his energy into life
  • The player can now block the scrums to give them an order

Bug correction :

  • Improvement of the tracking system of the soldiers (they do not fit you in anymore and the number indicated in your squad is the good one)

Environment :

  • Establishment of a new base for the player, bigger and more in the spirit “thunder” (but it will still change)

General :

  • Implementation of a save system


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