In the beginning

Basically, I was working on a simulator of “life” where the goal was to create effective self-learning AIs. These AIs are intended to grow their colony and for this must put in place strategies by themselves and learn from their environment … In short, once all that finished, I wanted to do courses in stream on the programming AI and someone offered me to turn that into play …

What to do in the game ?

You play a “Scrum” in a colony and the goal is to reach the largest possible population (and incidentally overcome the enemy colonies on the map) for that, you will be able to influence your “scrums” to make them more profitable, protect your strategic points to recover resources, optimize births, etc.

Screenshots and explanations

The HUD in idle, one finds at the top left the population and the food available for his colony Bottom right, the goals, his life, his food stock, the number of soldiers who follow the player.

A plant where we can recover food, bottom right, the stock that remains on this plant.

A farmer (resource harvester), bottom right, we find information about him. In the center, the possible actions. We can feed it, kill it (to regulate the population in case of famine) and if you have found a strategic point to give it the position (they can discover them themselves and share it with others)

A nurse who takes care of an egg. We can ask him to go get an egg, feed it, ziggle it …

The queen who is busy laying eggs, we can see in more detail the inventory of her colony in the lower right. It is possible to move it from place to optimize the path of nurses (who will get his eggs) (It will press “P” to give him his new position but it will be indicated 😉 )

A soldier, we can ask him to follow us, to patrol an area, to protect the queen.

A strategic point of food that you can spread to your farmers.

I’ll let you discover what’s left … Of course, the graphics are ugly for the moment because I take care of the programming but hey, it’s playable ! 🙂

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